Reagent preparation equipment

NPO Passat develops, manufactures and supplies equipment for equipping reagent departments. These are complex supplies of reagent preparation lines for the Usolsky Potash Plant (EuroChem) and Petrikovsky GOK (Belaruskali).

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For some types of reagents, new preparation technologies have been developed that allow using a mother liquor instead of process water as a solvent, as well as preparing an emulsion with a certain dispersion of the collector and modifying additives that allow increasing the selectivity of flotation. For the preparation of solutions of high-molecular reagents, special equipment is used, which allows obtaining solutions with a uniform concentration in the volume of the apparatus.

NPO Passat develops complex lines that include not only devices with mixing devices, but also other special equipment (gelatinizing pumps, steam injectors, etc.), which allows you to obtain high-quality reagents and accurately withstand the concentration of working solutions. This approach makes it possible to reduce the introduction of excess water into the technological process.

Devices for the preparation of reagent solutions provide: 

If necessary, heating or heating of the contents of the container is provided. It can be electric heating, hot steam supply to the device, steam jacket. Preparation of reagent solutions is carried out according to a given program from the operator panel without the presence of technological personnel on site.

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