The mounting of vacuum crystallizations has started

The mounting of crystallizations at the construction of vacuum crystallizer installation has started. Every crystallizer has the diameter of 10 meters, the high of 18 meters and is made from plated with nickel-copper alloy steel. Its inner parts are made from nickel-copper alloy only. All the crystallizations will be equipped with axial agitators for mother liquor circulation with the capacity of 30 000 m3/hour. The crystallization bottom form was designed to provide careful crystal suspension circulation and minimal its destruction. In the upper part of the settling zone of the crystallizers, drainage chambers of clarified liquor will be installed for its equilibrium removal along the apparatus perimeter.

The connection of crystallizers up to the vacuum system will be carried out (implemented) by system of heat exchangers to increase the efficiency of heat recovery in the installation. The new technological line supplied by our company in the consortium with our German partners (Ebner GmbH & Co KG, Famako Anlagenexport GmbH и Ercosplan Ingenieurburo Anlagentechnik GmbH) is designed for manufacturing of halurgical course-crystal potassium chloride with the average cluster crystal size of 0,6 – 0,8 mm. The final product must contain not less than 95% of KCL. The capacity of installation is 1,552,320 tons per year.

RVKU-mounting2.JPG  RVKU-mounting3.JPG