First Million Ton of Concentrate was got at Vacuum Crystallizer Installation of 4th Production Unit of Belaruskali

The first million ton of concentrate was got at Vacuum Crystallizer Installation of the 4th Production Unit. It’s one of the most significant NPO Passat projects. Vacuum crystallizer Installation started up on the 17th of August 2018 and during the decade it produced 41 183 tons of 95% KCl and more than 4 390 tons of 98% KCl. So project indicators concerning its productivity were approved. Installations throughput was being increased during further months. It got to 123 000 tons in December 2018. 

Since putting into operation, the installation is under warranty service of the supplier of the line, NPO Passat. Department of halurgical processes of the company under the leadership of the technical director Oleg Salimyanov supervises the installation operation, support service operation to achieve the best technological performance. 

A new technological line for the production of coarse potassium chloride allowed the 4th Production Unit of Belaruskali, JSC to get a qualitatively new product. The new product has a cubic form and repeats the shape of a natural KCl crystal. So it is more homogeneous and resistant. The old installation produced a round-shaped product as a result of small crystals agglomeration.

Now having enhanced product specialists of the processing plant of the 4th Production Unit are going to increase the hole technological line B throughput. To do this they should modernize equipment of some processing plant’s departments. It will be done this year. So the vacuum crystallization installation will be operated at its project output. 

RVKU-million7.jpg RVKU-million3.jpg