Supply for Membrane Electrolysis Workshop

NPO Passat manufactured and supplied spare parts for the modernization of the flake installation of the membrane electrolysis shop* at 4 Production Unit. The modernization of the installation is carried out by the customer to reduce heat consumption, improve the technical characteristics of the equipment, and increase the usable life expectancy of the equipment. NPO Passat manufactured spare parts for reduction evaporators, concentrators, as well as flow pipes, fins, distribution baths, valves, risers, pipes, etc. The manufacturing material is nickel.

NPO Passat for membran electroliz-3.JPG

NPO Passat for membran electroliz-2.JPG

NPO Passat for membran electroliz.JPG

* The membrane electrolysis workshop was put into operation at the 4th Production Unit in 2015. It produces 25 brands of 4 types of chemical products. Potassium hydroxide, which is produced in the form of a solution and a solid product, occupies a leading position on this list. The installed production capacity of the workshop for the production of potassium hydroxide in terms of 100% KOH is 12,500 tons per year. Products are supplied to Belarusian enterprises and the Russian Federation.