NPO Passat will Optimize the Operational Integrity of Reagent Preparation Processes at Gremyachinski GOK Plant

NPO Passat will optimize the operational integrity of reagent preparation processes at Gremyachinski GOK Plant and then will automize it. Within the scope of concluded contract our process engineers analyzed existing scheme of reagent preparation and draft a proposal taking into account bought equipment for supervening corrections of working and design documentation and development of instructions for reagent preparation.

Developed technical solutions includes maximum usage of existing equipment and all the data for designing of additional equipment. The customer got designed reagent preparation process flow diagrams and recommendations for usage of additional equipment, instructions for reagent preparation, overall and coupling dimensions of additional equipment.

Reagent preparation process automation for Gremyachinski GOK Plant is projecting in collaboration with PassatProject, LLC and Institute of Mining Electrical Engineering and Automation, LLC. The corrections to the automation system, solution on integration of software to process control system of customer. EuroChem-VolgaKali, LLC will get following documentation:

Technical documentation for the automated industrial system of reagent preparation. 

As a result, the customer will get solutions for reagent preparation technology improvement that will