NPO Passat specialists are training the operation stuff of the Production Unit of Petrikov GOK

NPO Passat specialists are training the operation of the Petrikovsky GOK factory. It is carried out in order to minimize the time for modes optimization and quick launch of production lines of the processing plant supplied by NPO Passat. Our company has developed, manufactured and supplied complete lines for reagent preparation, ejector flotation machines for cleaner flotation of coarse-grained fraction, reagent conditioning equipment for pulp conditioning with reagent, leaching apparatus, integrated flotation unit for fine-grained fraction, stan-by thickener and other process equipment.

Chemical engineers of the chemical-technological department of NPO Passat are training the future technological personnel of the Customer: foremen, mechanics, control panel operators, department foremen, electrical equipment repair technicians. The course participants are alumni of the Belarusian National Technical University. Now they are doing an internship at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Production Unit of Belaruskali, JSC. After a theoretical and practical course based on production units, they will proceed to train on the current scheme of the Petrikovsky GOK.

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