NPO Passat delivered one more batch of processing equipment to Belaruskali

NPO Passat delivered installation for flotation of fine grade fraction and contact vessels to Belaruskali.

Contact vessels with the mixer are designed for conditioning of the flotation feed with the depressor. They were manufactured for the technological section of the processing plant of the Third Production Unit of Belaruskali. NPO Passat is going to deliver eight units of contact vessels for this facility. The manufacturing material is stainless steel.

Installation for flotation of fine grade section was designed and manufactured for the use at the flotation department of processing plant of Petrikov GOK.

It consists of the following parts:

Besides installation for flotation of fine grade section, for the processing plant of Petrikov GOK NPO Passat will deliver installations for cleaner flotation and separate flotation based on the flotation machines of the EFM-41 type.

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