NPO Passat Delivered Belt Vacuum Filter to Belaruskali, JSC

NPO Passat delivered belt vacuum filter to the processing plant of Forth Production Unit of Belaruskali, JSC. It will be mounted and putted into operation at the object called Retrofitting and Upgrading of Processing Plant of Forth Production Unit. Modernization of Dilution Department with the Replacement of Dissolver at Position A-351-2M of Technological Line A.

Belt vacuum filter is designed for dehydrating and subsequent flushing by salt liquor halite dumps receiving by halurgical beneficiation of sylvinite.

Filtration area is 15 m². Output capacity is adjustable, it is 100÷300 tons per hour. Moister of the end product is 6,0 %. Operating mode is pauseless.

Belt vacuum filter automation system provides vacuum filter loading automatic upkeep by adjusting of belt rate with a help of frequency converter. It also provides sound and light alarm about motor operation modes destructions.

In a week NPO Passat will deliver one more vacuum-filter with the same specifications to Forth production Unit of Belaruskali, JSC.