Little miracle for little ones

According to a long-standing tradition, the Research and Production Association Passat ends the year with good deeds. Together with our partners, this year we have already delighted the children of family-type homes from Krasnodvortsy and Velichkovichi* - we gave them sports equipment, tablets and laptops for the anniversary of NPO Passat. On Christmas Eve, we organized a holiday trip for them to the capital of Belarus: to enjoy in a cafe, see the sights and see the New Year's program at the circus. Children's smiles are a real New Year's miracle.

charity NPO Passat 3.jpg

charity NPO Passat.jpg

charity NPO Passat2.jpg

* In the Soligorsk district there are two family-type houses: in Velichkovichi family Baritol and in Krasnodvortsy Klimov family. They are raising 19 children who, for various reasons, have been left without parental attention.