Flotation machines MPSGI-4 for the Usolsky Potash Plant

NPOPassat will supply four-chamber foam separation flotation machines MPSGI-4 for the Usolsky Potash Plant. They will be involved in the desliming stage of the flotation concentrator to reduce the mass fraction of insoluble residue in the suspension entering the sylvite flotation.

The working volume of each chamber of four-chamber flotation machines is 30.4 m3.

Feeding capacity is no less than 260 m3/hour. They will be manufactured from stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti). The total length of each of the two installations will be 15 meters with a height of 8.3 meters. The weight of the supplied technological equipment is over 130 tons.

The equipment will be supplied complete with contact vessels made of high-alloy steel, blowers, drives, electrical parts, automation system and instrumentation.

Our company will also carry out supervision of installation, supervision and training of operating personnel.

MPSGI by NPO Passat for Usolski PP-.png