Development of fine grained thickening technology for processing of gold ores

A new lamella thickener by Passat NPO is being delivered to the Krasivoye gold deposit. It is manufactured for the technical retrofiting of the Yubileynya plant*. The thickener with a settling area of 350 m2 will be used in the thickening stage of the sub-lattice product of the control screening and is designed to separate the liquid phase from the ore pulp under the action of gravity forces. The equipment will take the pulp load of 195 m3/hour with the content of solid component in the discharge not more than 150 mg/l.

The scope of supply includes vessel, lamellae, drive, support structures, revolving arms, anti-corrosion protection kit for on-site chemical protection device, rake and flocculator control system.

In the coming months this equipment will travel 8,800 kilometers to the place of its application - Khabarovsky Krai.

NPO Passat specialists will also provide technical supervision of the equipment installation, supervise commissioning and train the Yubileyny Plant personnel in the operation of the lamella thickener.

The project is being implemented with Sever Minerals JSC, a partner in integrated solutions for the mining and processing industry.

Lamella thickeners by Passat NPO are a modern technological solution that allows increasing the investment efficiency of processing plants and chemical production facilities due to a multiple increase in productivity compared to the traditional method of thickening and clarification in radial thickeners. Thanks to this solution our customers not only reduce the building area, but also reduce the number of process pipelines, shut-off and regulating valves, automation and control equipment, pumping equipment, auxiliary and load-bearing steel structures, heated and ventilated volume of the production building or the volume of thermal insulation in case of outdoor equipment. Application of lamella thickeners also reduces the load and the required number of operating personnel, consumption of reagents, power consumption, operating costs for maintenance of the equipment park.

NPO "Passat" offers a full cycle of implementation of lamella thickening and clarification technology, including R&D and testing of its own pilot machine** of fine grained thickening to confirm the technological parameters, complete delivery of thickeners with automation systems and implementation of guaranteed technological performance.

* The Yubileyny mine is part of Amur Gold Group, the largest gold mining company in Russia. It includes an underground mine at the Krasivoye deposit and a gold processing plant. For gold extraction, a gravity-flotation processing scheme is used with the withdrawal of rich gravity concentrate, flotation enrichment of gravity tailings, and subsequent hydrometallurgical processing of gravity concentrates using intensive cyanidation technology.

Lamella thickener NPO Passat for AmurGold.png

Lamella thickener NPO Passat for AmurGold.png


** testing of the pilot lamella thickening unit of NPO Passat on the site of Uralkali's processing plant

Pilot lamella thickener NPO Passat-U.jpg