Belt vacuum filter for the Petrikov Production Unit

NPO Passat developed, manufactured and delivered to the customer a belt vacuum filter for the Processing Plant of the Petrikov Production Unit. It’s filtration area is 32.5 m2.

The belt vacuum filter is designed for dewatering potassium chloride concentrate after the sodium chloride leaching stage.

The main components and parts of the vacuum filter are made of high-alloy stainless steel AISI 316Ti. The filter is equipped with a steam chamber. The equipment is supplied complete: with a receiver, trap, barometric glass, pumps, electrical parts, automation system and instrumentation devices.

Before delivery to the customer, a control assembly of the product was carried out at the production site.

A total of three such belt vacuum filters will be manufactured and supplied under the contract.

belt vacuum filter NPO Passat.png

belt vacuum filter NPO Passat2.png