2019 year by verbs and figues

The 2019 year for NPO Passat was full of projects and events.

We designed, manufactured and delivered processing machines for the retrofitting of Third and Fourth Production Unit: belt vacuum filters, froth separation machine, flotation machines, leaching devices, salt and sludge thickeners. ˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ ˃˃˃ 

We manufactured, delivered and put into operation thickeners at the plant for the production of chlorine-free fertilizers. ˃˃˃

We became the engineering partner of Andritz Pulp & Paper. ˃˃˃

We supported the operation of an adjustable vacuum crystallization unit at 4 RU of Belaruskali OJSC and received the millionth ton of coarse crystalline dust-free potash fertilizer. ˃˃˃

We designed, manufactured and delivered to Petrikov GOK:

We trained young professionals of the Petrikov GOK. ˃˃˃

We became a leader in the field of industrial production among organizations of the Soligorsk region. ˃˃˃

We hired 59 people.

5 employees were married and 6 children were born.

We supported the Soligorsk football club Shakhter. ˃˃˃

We helped agricultural enterprises of the region, the Belarusian Volunteer Fire Society.

We passed a course in business etiquette.

We mastered the technique of tough negotiations.

We participated in the world championship of working professions. ˃˃˃

We launched the ERP system.

We established the electronic document flow.

We built new production facilities and new office and moved to new areas. ˃˃˃