Research and Production Association "Passat", LLC is the official representative of the Italian manufacturer of high-quality Azmec in the Republic of Belarus along the entire range of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors.

The Azmec production is coming from the two sites of Arenzano and Verderio, a small town near Lecco; the site in Verderio, opened in 1993,  and subsequently enlarged in 1998, designs and produces liquid ring vacuum pumps with the most updated technologies.
The castings are machined through CNC tool machines and the tests are done in the new internal testing room, fitted out with the most updated instrumentation and available to test machines having an absorbed power up to 250 kw.


Azmec is projecting and producing liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors available for many industrial sectors, built with certified materials that grant a long life and a high efficiency. Azmec has a wide range of accessories studied and produced for granting the best efficiency of the liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors. All the accessories produced and supplied from Azmec are in according to high quality standards.

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More detailed information you can get at the official producer's website or you may get in touch with our sales department: +375 174 28 00 07,